Bean masher & tortilla warmer.

This is a matching set made from bradford pear wood. I really like the flame figure in the wood, it goes well with spicy foods.

Mortar, pestle and rolling pin.

A mortar and pestle made from bradford pear wood and a French style rolling pin made of maple.


A set of earrings made from spalted maple.


A set of carver's mallets made from osage orange.

Small natural edge bowl.

A small natural edge bowl made from bradford pear wood.

Salt cellar.

A small salt cellar made from bradford pear wood.

Oak bowl.

This decorative bowl is made of spalted pin oak wood.

Decorative bowl.

A decorative bowl made from American sycamore wood.

Natural edge oak bowl.

A large and deep bowl made from spalted oak. I left the edge 'natural' but I had to treat it with some epoxy to stabilize the weaker spots.

Honey locust platter.

The first piece extracted from a large section of honey locust wood I picked up a while back. Available.

Foot stool.

A foot stool I built as an experiment to practice making things that are held together without fasteners or glue of any kind. The legs are held on by angled stub tenons and the stringer uses wedged tenons to hold everything snug. The wood is a combination of spalted hard maple and osage orange, all harvested locally.

Osage fountain.

I turned this on the lathe from a large piece of osage orange. It is mounted on a copper pipe and set in a concrete base with a pump for our pond. Bonus slow motion video of it in operation.

Maple platter.

One of the first larger pieces I produced using the new lathe. This is from an offcut of maple that will hopefully produce even larger pieces in the future.

Walnut bowl & spoon.

A live edge walnut bowl and my very first spoon. A specially designed left handed mixing spoon. Bowl is available.

Drawer unit.

A drawer unit for my office that uses bookmatched slabs from a spalted silver maple for the drawer faces. The handles are made of figured pear and the carcasse is maple faced plywood.

The red bowl.

This bowl is about 16" in diameter and made of a single piece of box elder. The exterior is dyed and finished in a high gloss fire engine red. The interior is oil and beeswax buffed to a medium shine. This bowl was auctioned off in support of the Franklin County Board of Developmental Disabilities.

Lidded bowl.

A bowl in walnut with a spalted maple lid.

Sofia's Rattle.

Woods used are mulberry, maple, walnut, wenge and pin oak. Finished with beeswax.

Sweetgum pen.

This is a pen made using sweetgum seed pods embedded within epoxy.