A few projects I've worked on recently. Items marked with a ★ are available.

Mortar, pestle and rolling pin.

A mortar and pestle made from bradford pear wood and a French style rolling pin made of silver maple.


Earrings made from spalted hard maple.


A set of carver's mallets made from osage orange.

Small natural edge bowl.

Small natural edge bowl made from bradford pear wood.

Oak bowl.

A decorative bowl made of spalted pin oak wood.

Honey locust platter.

A small feathered platter made of honey locust wood. 9.5" diameter. ★

Foot stool.

This foot stool was built as an experiment to practice glue-less joinery. The legs are held on by angled stub tenons and the stringer uses wedged tenons to hold everything snug. The wood is a combination of locally harvested spalted hard maple and osage orange.

Osage fountain.

Turned from a large piece of osage orange, mounted on a copper pipe and set in a concrete base with a pump for our pond. Bonus slow motion video of the fountain in operation.

maple platter.

Silver maple platter with partial live edge, finished in walnut oil and beeswax.

Walnut bowl & spoon.

A live edge walnut bowl finished in walnut oil and beeswax. 12" diameter. ★

Drawer unit.

A drawer unit for my office that uses bookmatched slabs from a spalted silver maple for the drawer faces. The hand carved handles are made of flame figured pear and the carcasse is maple faced plywood.

Dyed bowl #1.

This bowl is about 16" in diameter and made of a single piece of lightly figured box elder. The exterior is dyed fire engine red and finished in a high gloss tung oil. The interior is oil and beeswax buffed to a medium shine. Auctioned off in support of the Franklin County Board of Developmental Disabilities.

Lidded bowl.

A bowl in walnut with a spalted silver maple lid.

Sofia's Rattle.

Mulberry, hard maple, walnut, wenge and pin oak. Finished with pure local beeswax.

Sweetgum pen.

A pen made using sweetgum seed pods embedded within epoxy.

Dyed bowl #2.

Made from curly maple. Outside is lightly dyed orange and finished in high gloss tung oil. Inside is flat sheen walnut oil and beeswax.

Spalted bowl.

A mystery wood bowl, perhaps apple or some other fruit wood that is heavily spalted. Finished in walnut oil and beeswax. 10" diameter.

Lidded box.

A lidded container made of spalted crabapple wood, with an ebony-stained walnut finial. Finished in tung oil. 5" diameter, 7" high.

Occasional table.

A three legged occasional table with a solid top of heavily feathered walnut and ash legs. Finished with wipe on polyurethane.

Marble solitaire.

A marble solitaire game.

Walnut vase.

A walnut vase finished in tung oil and beeswax. ★

Cottonwood lidded container.

A sugar cellar made of spalted cottonwood and walnut, with a flax and beeswax finish.

Debra's Salt Cellar.

A salt cellar made of spalted hard maple with a walnut lid. The snowflake inlay and knob are made of photoluminescent resin.

Maple vase.

A vase made from ambrosia maple finished with tung oil and beeswax. ★

Cherry bowl.

A cherry bowl with a sculpted edge. Finished in Osmo hard wax satin. Auctioned off in support of the Franklin County Board of Developmental Disabilities.